Selected paintings and artist's books
by NoŽlle Griffiths

World of Memory and Potential series
1991 - 1992
Birth Series
1992 - 1993
Paradise series
1993 - 1997
Higher Knowledge
1994 - 1997
Season Songs
1998 - 2002

Song Bird

2003 -

Hafod Press
artist's books
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Curriculum Vitae of Noëlle Griffiths

An Artist's Faith in Imagination. Poet Anne Stevenson on the work of Noëlle Griffiths

NoŽlle Griffiths BA (hons) graduated from St Martin's School of Art, London in 1983. She moved to North Wales in 1985 and has painted professionally and taught part-time since 1987, teaching up to degree level. NoŽlle has received a number of travel bursaries, most recently to research and travel in India 2003.
NoŽlle paints in oil on canvas, mixed media on paper, and makes artist's books. She works in an intuitive way using colour and symbol to convey ideas and experience. She has exhibited widely in group and one-person shows, and her work is in private collections in Britain and US.


£150 - £850 for paintings on paper, acrylic or mixed media

£300 - £1600 for oil paintings on canvas or board.

£15 - £500 for artist's books.

Please contact me if you would like to view slides of paintings, arrange a studio visit or be informed of future exhibitions.

Please see for more artist's books, and for more recent paintings and CV.

NoŽlle Griffiths
Hafod y Llyn,
Gwynedd LL41 3AQ
Telephone : 01766 590 638
E-Mail :